Ways on How to Remove Unwanted Hairs

There are a lot of ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but only a few were to deliver effective results. One things that distinguish one hair elimination method from another is the time for hair regrowth after the hair removal method has been made. When choosing temporary or permanent hair removal methods, it is important that you before you decide you should know if it is appropriate for your hair and skin type and not all methods can be used on all body parts. Here, are the popular methods you can use.

Temporary Hair Removal

Temporary ways to remove unwanted hairs consist of two major groups.

Depilation – this is a process which the hair is removed in the skin level. Results will last for just a week.

Depilatory cream – This is a chemical ingredient that reacts with hair protein, which allow your hair to be washed quickly. There are specific types of depilatory creams that are fit for a specific part in your body so before you use a hair depilation cream, ensure that you use the cream according to where it will be used. Not all brands are suitable to be used in bikini or facial areas; moreover, some people are sensitive to the cream thereby causing skin irritation. Choose the best quality of depilatory cream to achieve maximum results.

Shaving – Men usually shaves their facial area to remove unwanted hairs. This is also used by women when they want to remove hairs in the legs and underarm in a quick and painless way. Shaving has the fastest regrowth time because it does not remove the roots, only a certain part in the hair where when cut, will look clean. The more you will shave the thicker the shaved area will be.

Epilation – this is the process where the hair is removed from the roots. Hair regrowth for epilation will last for more than 8 weeks.

Plucking – This is a method that uses tweezers to remove hair. As you pluck, you take out the hair from its roots; therefore, hair in that area will grow slower. It is most suitable to remove unwanted hair in the eyebrows, face, and underarm but not a very efficient method because it will take a lot of time before you can complete it. It is important that the tweezers are sterilized to prevent infection.

Threading – This uses a twisted thread to catch the hair and pull it out as it is rolled across the skin. It is more efficient than plucking because it can be used in larger areas, but still very time-consuming.

Waxing – A wax is used to spread it on the area where you want hair to be removed. Using a cloth strip, the wax is pulled of which takes off the root and dead skin cells. This works on every part of the body and hair regrowth is less noticeable. Waxing may last for up to 8 weeks, but this varies from person to person. It is a fast yet very painful process. Not recommended for people who have skin irritation, moles, or sunburn.

Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal destroys the hair follicles so hair regrowth won’t be possible. It will take a few sessions before hair will be gone permanently.

Laser Hair Removal – A laser targets the skin to the hair follicle so it stops its growth. Laser hair removal does not work well on dark-skinned people because laser targets through the color of the hair. Laser won’t be that accurate if there are other dark areas except the hair or if the hair is not dark. It is a highly suggested hair removal method and the fastest as it treats large areas of tone at a time.

Electrolysis – This is the only 100% permanent method that has been approved to get rid of unwanted hairs permanently. A professional electrologist inserts a needle into the follicle then sends an electric current through the root which then permanently eliminates the cells that are responsible for hair growth. It is a very effective method but can take a lot of time. Additionally, this method will cost a lot. The good news is there are at-home electrolysis equipment which will be worth a few hundred bucks but is not as effective as those used in clinics.

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